Maria Canale

Maria Canale has provided exquisite jewelry designs for 25 years for such brands as Tiffany, Mikimoto and Harry Winston. Maria Canale is now setting out to design under her own name, and with that, a fresh new look. Ali Christensen Design developed the new logo as well as patterns used in marketing materials. This was completed in collaboration with Levine Design Group.

Simply stated, Maria Canale’s designs are inspired by the sea. The new logo takes on characteristics of a wave. The serif has been called out as a point of interest. We then took that serif, rotated and flipped it to emulate the sail of a sailboat. With this we created the “Regatta” pattern. Two additional patterns were created with the use of simple lines – one of which is the location (underwater topography) of Maria’s jumping off point for design inspiration, Watch Hill, RI. The other pattern shows the graceful lines representing the ebb and flow of water. This pattern is seen directly in one of of Maria’s new pieces pictured below.